Powerball Reaches $86 Million

Wednesday October 12th 2011

The midweek Powerball draw will take place tonight and the current jackpot has reached $86 million. This is due to the fact that this multi-state lottery has rolled over a total of seven times since the beginning of September when one player won the top prize of $25,000,000. To take home the top prize tonight Powerball players need to match total of six balls in order to become this month’s first jackpot winner!

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This US based lottery is known for its impressive jackpots and tonight’s draw is no different. However the Powerball this year has climbed to some phenomenal heights - one of which was seen two months ago in August. On Wednesday August 10th 2011 one player from Minnesota scooped a colossal $228.9 million when they correctly matched the winning Powerball numbers.

In addition to that there was another impressive Powerball jackpot win last month. On the 7th September 2011 one fortunate player from Maryland won the top prize that was worth $108.8 million. Along with another jackpot win, September proved itself to be a lucky month for players and since then the Powerball has been growing to get to the estimated jackpot that is available to win tonight. Although matching the numbers drawn out to those on your lottery ticket may prove hard – these two wins indicate that it is not an impossible task.

Even though the jackpot on offer to win changes with every draw the other prizes stay at a set amount – so there are plenty of ways to win in the Powerball. You can win a guaranteed $200,000 if you match five numbers and by matching up four numbers you can win $100.

Written by Brett Levenson

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