PowerBall sales likely to soar

Saturday May 29th 2010

The last PowerBall jackpot winner was on 22nd April when a cool $252 million was won by one lucky player. However, the jackpot has already climbed to a massive $220 million and PowerBall sales are likely to soar today. This may seem odd as the jackpot is still a way off than the one that was scooped last month but the main reason for a likely climb in ticket sales is due to the fact that this could be the last draw that lottery players can take advantage of the 10 X promotion that has been running this month.

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The 10 X Promotion was introduced to PowerBall Lottery on 1st May and replaced one of 5 X multipliers that are usually offered. This of course means that lottery players have the option to add Power Play to their lotto ticket for just $1 extra and this part of the draw is what determines how many times non jackpot prizes are multiplied for PowerBall players.

Although the 10 X feature is scheduled to end today, if this 10 X ball has not been drawn by the draw this evening the promotion will continue until it is. So given the fact that this could be the last chance that PowerBall players have to take this option and the fact that the jackpot is so high, sales for this lottery game could well exceed all expectations.

For those players looking for a lottery game that is easier to win, the California Super Lotto Plus has a fantastic jackpot for this evening too, currently standing at $20 million.

Written by Brett Levenson

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