Powerball win for retired State employee

Thursday August 27th 2009

Solomon Jackson Jr, remained tight lipped about his plans for his newfound lottery wealth. The $260 million Powerball win for the retired State employee, Jackson, is the largest ever won with a ticket bought in the state of South Carolina.

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Sharing few details about himself, Jackson did reveal he was married and has 10 siblings but his age and any children he may have remains unknown. Up until his early retirement in 2000, he worked as an assistant supervisor for the state Revenue Department, since then he has been studying for a degree at Midlands Technical College.

Jackson has the option of taking his South Carolina Powerball lottery win as a lump sum of $129 million, after taxes he would be left with around $88 million, or he could opt to receive yearly payments over three decades, however he has chosen not to share his plans publicly.

The ticket which Jackson bought from a gas station after shopping in a nearby Wal-Mart store, was the only lottery ticket to match the winning numbers of the 19th August Drawing. Hinting heavily that someone else will eventually benefit from his fortune, Jackson said “I won’t let the winnings change who I am. I have a good income and god has blessed me, so I won’t do a bunch with it”.

Lottery officials say that the odds of anyone buying lottery tickets for this draw and winning were 195 million to 1. As Jackson says, “that’s a lot of people, but little ole me of all the people”

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