PowerBall winner avoids spotlight

Wednesday April 21st 2010

There was a massive PowerBall win for one lucky lottery player from the draw which took place on March 13th and news that the winner has come forward has now reached us. We can tell you very little about this as the PowerBall winner avoids the spotlight by asking for no press conference or check presentation to be held. However, she has been revealed as Sandra McNeil of Morristown, New Jersey. The winning numbers for the draw were 6, 16, 20, 31, 36 and the Power Play number was five.

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This winning PowerBall lottery number combination has bagged Sandra McNeil a staggering $211.7 million rollover jackpot prize but she has chosen to go for the cash option which means after all taxes have been deducted she can expect to walk away with a lottery jackpot prize of around $101.6 million, which is still a very tidy sum. Because of the lack of publicity involved with the PowerBall winner, there are no details surrounding the win or how she plans to enjoy her newfound wealth.

Those of you who buy lottery tickets for the PowerBall may want to be reminded that there is a massive $252 million up for grabs for the draw taking place today and with the current lottery fever which is sweeping America, you may be wise to get your lottery tickets as soon as possible or online is you have access to the internet. With the PowerBall jackpot being so high it would be devastating if a winner were to mislay a ticket so buying tickets via the internet is probably the safest option, all things considered.

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