Record EuroMillions Jackpot Payout!

Monday May 11th 2009

Update: We can now verify the fact that the £113 million EuroMillions jackpot was won by a single ticket holder. This means that the winner, a 25 year old woman from Majorca in Spain, is now officially the biggest lottery prize winner in history!

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The woman didn’t claim her win for three days because she didn’t know about it, having been ill in bed with the flu. She only discovered the fact that she was rich beyond her wildest dreams when she forced herself to go to work anyway!

What makes this story even more special is the fact that the biggest lottery winner in history achieved her success after deciding to buy lottery tickets online – something that should encourage online lottery players everywhere!

A record EuroMillions jackpot payout of £113,229,891 (around €126 million) has been won by a single ticket, making this the biggest ever win by a single lottery ticket anywhere in the world! The jackpot, which had grown to its massive size after six rollovers, was landed on Friday 8 May, 2009 by a tickey purchased in Spain.

Although it is likely that the record-breaking ticket belongs to a Spanish player, it is also possible that it could have been purchased by a tourist on holiday who has the winning ticket tucked away in their suitcase at this very moment! Another thing that nobody is sure about is whether the ticket is owned by a single person or whether it is communally owned by a EuroMillions syndicate. And at the time of writing, the lucky owner of the ticket hasn’t come forward, so they may not even realise that they have won a jackpot of world-record proportions!

Of course, it could be that the winner is aware of the win but is currently too shocked to make their claim. We are, after all, talking about enough money to buy a couple of private jets, a tropical island and homes in a dozen countries, with plenty left over!

Someone who must know what the winner is going through is Dolores McNamara. Dolores won £77 million (which was €115 million) in July 2005 thanks to a very nice EuroMillions jackpot win. A Superenalotto player in Italy did even better by winning a prize worth £81 million in October 2008. Although both winners can no doubt relate to emotions that the new record-holder will be experiencing, the £113 million win dwarfs their own prizes by £36 million and £32 million respectively.

The record EuroMillions jackpot payout proves once and for all the old adage ‘you need to be in if you want to win’. Although you always need some luck to get the right lottery results in any lottery game (the amount of luck required normally increasing in line with the potential payout) if you don’t take part then you have absolutely no chance. The owner of the £113 million winning ticket was optimistic enough to give his or her lottery dreams a chance to come true and they have now done exactly that – a result that should inspire lottery players everywhere!

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