Record Sales For MegaMillions in Texas

Thursday September 3rd 2009

After Fridays $333 million jackpot, record sales for MegaMillions in Texas have been announced. Since they roll cycle began back in July the Texas Lottery has made ticket sales of $48.9 million, which is the highest for any Texas Lottery game.

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Starting  on 10th of July at $12 million the MegaMillions jackpot ended at an estimated $325 million. however, because of the late surge in ticket sales this was eventually increased to $333 million creating the highest dollar value of sales for a roll cycle since the MegaMillions began in Texas in December 2003. The second highest lottery ticket sales was in March 2007 when an advertised jackpot of $370 million generated ticket sales of $47.9 million for the term of the roll cycle.

The MegaMillions jackpot now goes back to its starting point of $12 million after it was won on Friday along with 5 other tickets picking up the second tier prize of $250,000. However, the residents of Texas have another attractive Texas lottery jackpot to play for in the Texas Lotto Jackpot which is currently standing at $45 million. Also the Texas Two step has a current advertised jackpot of $200,000.

So this week, Texan residents have more than $57 million in jackpots to play for. The next MegaMillions draw takes place on Friday so if you want to win it remember to buy lottery tickets! Lotto Texas draws on Wednesday and then the Two Step will draw on Thursday. Although all of these jackpots are a long way from record figures, they are still reasonably impressive and the Lotto Texas is almost certain to see a climb in ticket sales.

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