Retired Lottery Retailer Trainer Wins Mega Millions Prize

Thursday May 31st 2018

A recently retired trainer of lottery retailers who couldn’t enter the lottery for 21 years has won $30,000 in Mega Millions, believed to be the biggest single prize won by a former Oregon Lotto employee.

Employed By Oregon Lotto For 21 Years

Father-of-four Mike Davis was prohibited from entering lotteries due to his employment with the Oregon Lottery. His job was to train retailers on how to operate games, and he reportedly trained over 3,800 outlets during a career that spanned over two decades.

However, after taking retirement only two months ago, the Salem resident bought his winning Mega Millions ticket from Geppetto’s Italian restaurant on Lancaster Drive NE, a retailer he previously trained. Davis was one of thirteen ticket holders who matched four numbers and the Megaball in the draw on Tuesday 22nd May to scoop $10,000. His winnings then increased to $30,000 after he bought the $1 Megaplier option, and he was just one main number away from landing the $60 million jackpot, which rolled over on the night.

The winner said: “I retired on the 1st March, and since I couldn’t play as a lottery employee, I pick up a month’s worth of the big jackpot tickets and I always get them from Geppetto’s. I always gave advice to people when I told them you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. I trained the folks at Geppetto’s years ago and really liked them. So after retirement I buy my tickets there so they would get the retailer bonus if I win.” Geppetto’s are set to receive a $300 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

New Purchases Already Planned

Davis said he will use his five-figure windfall to purchase a new air conditioner and travel with his wife. They plan on embarking on several trips together this year, including visiting the Californian coast from their Oregon home and exploring the Puget Sound in Washington.

He also stated he’s tempted to put some of the winnings towards buying a Harley Davidson motorbike from a former co-worker, but added: “My wife says she wanted me retired and alive, and wants to keep me that way. So I probably won’t get the Harley. The money definitely gives us a cushion for the things we are doing in retirement. It was unexpected and nice.”

Pick Your Numbers Online Today

The Mega Millions jackpot hasn’t been won since Friday 4th May, a run of seven consecutive rollovers, meaning the jackpot on Friday 1st June is worth an estimated $97 million. Davis picked his winning numbers from an authorised ticket retailer, and you can do so if you’re located in one of the participating states or jurisdictions. You can also play Mega Millions online from various locations around the world, so pick your numbers to be in with a chance of winning.

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