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Saturday December 19th 2009

If you by tickets for the Missouri Lottery from Break Time, 1200 Missouri Blvd in Jefferson City then dig out your lottery tickets as soon as you can and check them as you could be $2.7 million better off and not even realise. There is a search for Missouri Lottery winner after a ticket matching the winning numbers to scoop the jackpot, on the draw which took place on 16th December, has not yet been claimed.

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$211 Million
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The winning numbers for this Missouri Lottery draw were 1, 5, 10, 15, 17 and 22.

Obviously it is early days for this lottery win as players have exactly 180 days from the draw to claim a prize from the Missouri Lottery, giving this jackpot winner until 14th June 2010, but at this time of year a prize such as this would be expected to be claimed almost immediately.

Another thing to consider is that people often buy lottery tickets and put them away or leave them in pockets and forget about them. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that forgotten lottery tickets will go astray never to be seen again, which is why we see so many unclaimed lottery prizes going to good causes.

So when a lottery winner fails to come forward within the first few days it is important to spread the word as soon as possible, and the Missouri Lottery officials are urging anyone who has, or regularly buys their tickets from this location to dig them out and check them to see if they are this illusive lottery winner.

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