Six Second Tier Euromillions Millionaires

Saturday July 9th 2011

Euromillions lottery fever has been sweeping Europe as players rushed to buy tickets for last nights draw that boasted a whopping €185/£166 million jackpot. For the first time since a rule change came into play on Friday 6th March 2009 the jackpot reached it's 'cap' and for second level prize tier winners this meant that overnight they became millionaires because no one managed to match 5 main numbers and two Lucky Stars with the numbers 12, 13, 23, 40, 49 and Lucky Stars 7 and 10.

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This meant that whilst the jackpot amount of €185/£166 million remains in the prize pool, the prize fund over and above this amount rolled down to the next winning prize tier. Six players managed to match 5 main numbers and two Lucky Stars netting them each an impressive €4.5/£3.1 million each, a massive difference to the couple of hundred thousand that they would have won had the Euromillions Lottery not reached it's cap this week.

Tuesday will see it all happen again with the jackpot remaining at it's cap but any money over and above this amount rolling down to the next winning prize level so we are again set to see even more players get involved with this record breaking jackpot.

An interesting fact that you may want to consider when buying your Euromillions ticket is that for both the current record draws for this lottery, the biggest Euromillions jackpot and the largest single Euromillions winner, included the numbers 9, 30 and 39 in the draws!

The biggest Euromillions Jackpot to date was won on 3rd February 2006 on draw number 104 but whilst it has the biggest Euro jackpot, the jackpot in sterling was only £126 million due to the strength of the pound against the euro. The numbers for the draw were 9, 31, 30, 39, 50 with Lucky Stars 1 and 3.

The largest single winner on the Euromillions was found on 8th October 2010 on draw number 348. The numbers for this draw were 9, 30, 35, 39, 46 with Lucky stars 8 and 8.

Of course, with the jackpot higher than both of these record breakers we are soon set to see new winners in the Euromillions Hall of Fame!

Written by Samantha Jones

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