Spanish Lottery scam

Sunday November 8th 2009

An elderly gentleman from the UK has become a victim of a Spanish Lottery scam after being sent a letter by post informing him that he had won millions it was reported in This is Bristol online. This poor man who is 76 and has a seriously ill wife fell for the scam and paid out a series of payments to have the funds released only to find he was a victim of fraudsters and conmen.

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What you do have to remember with any form of lottery is that, first and foremost, you have to be in it to win it. If you don’t buy lottery tickets online nor do you have a lottery ticket in your possession, be it paper or electronic, then the likelihood is that you cannot win the lottery. It doesn’t matter which country the fraudsters say you have won the lottery in, they all require tickets in order to claim your winnings so it makes sense that if you haven’t bought one, you can’t have won!

There are many types of lottery scams doing their rounds all over the world every single day so you do have to be careful. Follow a few simple rules and you shouldn’t fall victim to a scam:

  • If something looks too good to be true, more often than not it is. Trust your gut instincts.
  • Anything that requires you to send money in order to receive money is probably a con of some description
  • If still unsure then take the time to talk to family and friends before making any decisions.
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