Super Lucky 7s scratchcard win for teen

Tuesday September 15th 2009

Imagine popping in to your local grocery store, buying your items and then spending $10 on a one of the many scratchcards available from the Georgia Lottery. This is what one lucky winner did then took the instant win card to his car and scratched in an astronomical win. $77,777 is the amount pocketed on this Super Lucky 7s scratchcard win for teen, Thomas Zimbelman.

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This lucky teen bought his winning scratchcard at his local Wee Willy’s Food Store and will now be celebrating his 20th birthday on September 19th in style! Sitting in his car staring at the Super Lucky 7’s scratchcard Thomas had to check his card numerous times before it finally sunk in that he had actually won one of this scratchcard’s biggest jackpots.

Super Lucky 7’s is just one of the scratchcards available from the Georgia Lottery and the biggest amount that can be won by a single winner is $777,777 however Thomas is more than happy with his win!

When you buy lottery tickets for the Georgia Lottery, be it game tickets or scratchcards, you will be pleased to know that a percentage is ploughed into the Georgia state education system. Since it’s launch this lottery has donated a staggering $11 billion into the education system and more than 1.1 million students have benefited from the HOPE system.  Nearly a million 4 year olds have also benefited from the voluntary pre-kindergarten program which also receives some funding from the Georgia Lottery.

You can buy lottery tickets for the Georgia lottery online so why not see if you can be as lucky as the teenager who scooped this massive win on a Super Lucky 7s scratchcard.

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