SuperEnalotto fever continues

Saturday August 22nd 2009

With no jackpot winner since January, the SuperEnalotto fever continues as the frenzied lottery betting amongst Italians reaches fever pitch. The ever rising jackpot is encouraging record numbers to join queues all over Italy in a bid to secure a ticket containing the winning 6 number combination for this estimated €146m prize.

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This SuperEnalotto jackpot is this biggest European lottery jackpot ever and is now even luring people from bordering countries into Italy in a bid to try their luck. There has even been a phone in competition in Germany offering 140 return airline tickets to the winner so that they can go to Italy to purchase tickets. It has even been reported that there has been an overwhelming rise it ticket sales from cruise ships at Italian ports, where passengers are taking advantage by snapping up tickets

Sisal, who run the SuperEnalotto, report sales of around 275 million tickets per week, when before the jackpot reached 9 figures, the ticket sales were just under 100 million per week. With the Odds of winning the jackpot being 1 in 622 million, compared to the Powerballs’ 1 in 195 million, it seems that this bears no influence on the trend being set amongst the European community in their bid to secure the winning combination of numbers.

For now, the dream of this huge lottery prize will continue throughout Italy as will the prize, as people flock to buy lottery tickets for the next draw, which takes place tonight.

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