SuperEnalotto Jackpot is Finally Won

Tuesday May 22nd 2012

The Italian lottery that is the SuperEnalotto hasn’t had a top prize winner since September 2011 which has meant that the jackpot has rolled over numerous times to reach an impressive amount. There haven’t been any players who have managed to match the six numbers drawn in the results to win the top prize for a while, however on Saturday night the Superenalotto jackpot was finally won. After nearly eight months of being elusive the top prize was won by a single ticket holder who won the jackpot that was worth €94,836,378.29.

The ticket holder (or holders if bought as part of syndicate) identity is yet to be known, but whoever this SuperEnalotto jackpot winner is needs to give themselves a pat on the back because by matching the six numbers drawn on Saturday night they become the first top prize winners for this year and the largest jackpot winners for quite a while.

The SuperEnalotto results from Saturday’s draw if you haven’t seen them already are 1, 23, 27, 33, 37, 85 and the Jolly number is 56. Although there was a jackpot winner there weren’t any players that matched five numbers along with the Jolly number therefore the next winning prize tier following the jackpot on Saturday night was the match five tier in which 15 players won €29,759.14.

As the SuperEnalotto jackpot was won it means that the top prize for tonight’s draw goes back to basics therefore it is estimated at €25.2 million. However, will we see the top prize rollover again for another few months or will there be any players who match the SuperEnalotto results to win the jackpot sooner than we think.

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