SuperEnalotto jackpot won by syndicate

Wednesday November 3rd 2010

The big news in the world of lottery for many weeks has been the growing jackpot of the SuperEnalotto. For many weeks this jackpot has been watched as it continued to climb and pass its highest payout record of €147.8 million, leaving many of us wondering just how far this Italian lottery would go this time round. We can now tell you that the €177.7 million SuperEnalotto jackpot has been won by a syndicate on Saturday, although very few other details are available to us at this time.

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The Italians rarely publish details of their lottery winners in the press and the identity of the previous record breaking SuperEnalotto winner back in August was never revealed. In fact the only details that we did get to know about was that this SuperEnalotto winner was a single ticket holder from Bagone in Tuscany.

To date we do not know the number of lottery winners of this SuperEnalotto Jackpot and we are also not aware of whether they are Italian or not. If they are not from Italy then it could mean that we will get to hear more about them very soon as the home country releases any possible news about them. However, it is widely thought that the Italians will remain very tight lipped.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot returned to a starting point of €45.5 million after the draw on Saturday so there is still a very tidy sum up for grabs for those who want to buy lotto tickets for this game. But we are sure it won’t be long before we see the SuperEnalotto reaching dizzy heights once again.

Written by Brett Levenson

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