SuperEnalotto prevails as footy team slump

Saturday June 26th 2010

Italians may be feeling a little downhearted at the moment after their World Cup game on Thursday but one piece of news that is bound to lift their spirits is that their lottery game SuperEnalotto prevails as the footy team slump to defeat. With Italy being the current World Cup champions, the news that they will no longer take any further part in the tournament will have come as a big shock to Italians with them being so notoriously patriotic, but there is one game in the country that has not disappointed them this week and that is SuperEnalotto.

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SuperEnalotto is offering the largest lottery jackpot in Europe at the moment and quite possibly the highest in the world, so Italians really do have the best consolation prize possible. The next SuperEnalotto draw is taking place today and there is a massive €91.1 million jackpot up for grabs. Edging ever closer to the €100 million mark, there is no doubt that this is one lottery game that is going to be catching the eyes of millions of lottery players’ world wide until a winner is produced.

The fact that you can buy lotto tickets online means that this lottery game is available to anyone, anywhere in the world to play and it is surely an opportunity that many lottery players will take up.

With PowerBall and MegaMillions both having been won recently, they are both carrying relatively small jackpots in comparison, so we may see an increased number of players from the US participate in the SuperEnalotto this week.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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