Teenage National Lottery winner is nearly broke

Wednesday September 2nd 2009

Callie Rogers, who won £1.9 million on the National Lottery in 2003, spent her fortune on a never ending spending spree. Now, the then teenage lottery winner is nearly broke, after admitting to spending around £250,000 on cocaine.

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The former shop assistant now believes that such a fortune should not have been left in her control and now with only £20,000 left to her name she finds herself, a mother of 2 children and living with her mother in Cumbria.

However despite blowing £250,000 of her lottery fortune on cocaine and the rest on exotic holidays, boob jobs and gifts for her family and friends, Callie doesn’t care about not having much of her lottery win left. Having the  money to spend on cocaine and fuel her addiction brought her nothing but heartache and she feels very relieved that is had almost gone and she is now in a better place.

A child trust fund had been set up for her son, but her then boyfriend, who got her hooked on cocaine, has raided the fund, although there is still around £15,000 of it left. Callie now claims to be drug free and rebuilding her life after her National Lottery win put her into a dark hole, which at one point she felt she would never be able to crawl out of. Although she has suffered from depression for many years, Callie now claims to be off anti depressants and receiving counselling to help her rebuild her life again.

When you buy lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery it is worth noting that Camelot do have a team of specialists available to big winners who can help National Lottery jackpot winners cope with the win and advise on investment and the like.


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