Tennessee Lottery Celebrates Fantastic $1.4 Billion in Sales

Wednesday July 16th 2014

Tennessee Lottery officials are celebrating after reporting a record-breaking $1.4 billion in ticket sales during the 2014 fiscal year. A massive $337.2 million of this revenue will be donated to Lottery-funded education initiatives. The growth in ticket sales was boosted by the rising popularity of instant win games, which accounted for $1.15 billion in sales during the last fiscal year.

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Rebecca Hargrove, the President and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery Education Corporation, said that the success of the lottery is due to their “innovative” business model, which introduces new and exciting games while constantly improving efficiency, resulting in better sales and more money for education.

Tickets for the Tennessee Lottery first went on sale in January 2004, and since then more than 800,000 grants and scholarships have been given to students who enroll in higher education at private and public institutions across the state. The Lottery also funds after-school programs for schoolchildren of all ages. Over $3 billion in Lottery revenues has been given to various education initiatives since the Lottery’s inception.

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