Texas Lottery is to sell veterans scratch-off

Wednesday October 21st 2009

So many lottery organisations world wide are committed to providing revenue for good causes. Many of the population will feel that supporting veterans is a very worthy cause.  The announcement that from 9th November the Texas Lottery is to sell veterans scratch-off lottery tickets to support the veterans’ fund is likely to be met with overwhelming support.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$199 Million
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The funds from lottery game profits are currently poured into public education as it is with many other lotteries and it will be a refreshing change to see that the lottery is able to support another worthy cause too.

It is estimated that the new veteran scratchcards from the Texas Lottery are likely to provide over $9 million per year for the veterans once it is in full operation. The tickets for this new lottery game from the Texas Lottery will cost $2 each and will carry a top prize of $20,000.

After the deductions and prize costs for this new lottery game, 23% will go to the Permanent Fund for Veterans, and because of the cause that this new lottery game is supporting, it is expected that many people who do not usually play the lottery will turn out to buy lottery tickets for this new scratch-off game, which will in turn probably increase ticket sales for the Texas Lottery too.

The veterans are very worthy of lottery support, they risk there lives to protect their country and what could be a more fitting monument than to support those who survive.


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