Texas Lottery Jackpot Estimated at $22 Million

Wednesday February 15th 2012

Tonight will see the first Texas Lottery draw of the week take place and the jackpot available to win is estimated at $22 million. Therefore many ticket holders in this mid-week draw will be crossing their fingers and hoping that luck will be on their side tonight, so that they can match all six of the numbers drawn to walk away with the top prize. This current Texas Lottery jackpot has rolled over a total of 18 times, so the question is will any players strike lucky tonight or will the top prize rollover for the 19th time in a row?

The last time the Texas Lottery jackpot was won was back on the 10th December 2011 when one winning ticket, which was sold in Seabrook, matched the six numbers drawn in the Texas Lottery results to win the jackpot which was worth $30 million. Since then no players have been lucky enough to become top prize winners in this American lottery, which means there hasn’t been a jackpot winner yet for this year.

To win the Texas Lottery jackpot players have to match all six of the numbers drawn, however actually selecting those numbers can be a challenge. With a choice of 1 – 54 to select from players can choose to play the Lucky Dip facility when purchasing tickets, however it can be an idea to look at the number frequency in this lottery game to help see which numbers are in the Texas Lottery results more than others.

Some of the most popular numbers in this lottery are:

  • 19, 28, 36, 21, 16 and 17.

Whether any of the numbers will be drawn tonight remains to be seen, however if you fancy becoming the first Texas Lottery jackpot winner of 2012 make sure you have your tickets ready for tonight’s draw as luck might just be on your side.

Written by Brett Levenson

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