Texas Lottery Rolls Past $25 million

Wednesday October 17th 2012

The Texas Lottery jackpot has been quietly rolling over since the 28th July 2012, when it was last one by one lucky ticket holder from Houston, but reached a milestone in the draw last weekend, when the jackpot topped the $25 million mark. This has now surpassed the jackpot won at the end of July, which was $24 million, and could see it beat the previous highest jackpot this year, which was $28 million (won on 12th May 2012). But how likely is it we could see another rollover?

The Texas Lotto rolls over by $1 million for each draw which does not see a winner to match all six numbers. With a starting jackpot of $4 million, it can take some time for the jackpot to roll over to a hefty size, yet the Texas Lotto often sees jackpots race well into the mid-20 millions. Indeed, this is the third time this year a jackpot has exceeded $20 million. The Texas Lottery tends to roll over so often due to its matrix – players must match six numbers from a possible 54, the odds of which are a staggering 1 in 25,827,165!

With the jackpot for the next draw tonight due to be $26 million, players will undoubtedly be hoping that if they are not that lucky winner, the jackpot rolls over for another several weeks to smash the $30 million barrier, which would see the highest Texas Lottery jackpot this year!

Written by Brett Levenson

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