Texas Lottery Rolls To $32 million

Wednesday November 7th 2012

The Texas Lottery has been rolling over quietly now since the start of August, and has now amassed a jackpot of a whopping $32 million for its next draw on Wednesday 8th November 2012. With the minimum jackpot of $4 million last seen on 1st August 2012 after the previous jackpot of $24 million was won by a lucky ticket holder from Houston, this mega sized Texas Lottery has been rolling ever since, and is now the biggest jackpot seen since 10th December 2011 when a lucky player from Seabrook won $30 million. But is it anywhere near the biggest Texas Lottery jackpot ever?

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Although $32 million is undoubtedly a huge jackpot, the biggest top prize ever amassed on the Texas Lottery was an incredible $145 million, which was finally won after weeks of rollovers on 19th June 2004 by one ticket holder. They opted to take the cash option, which equalled $82.5 million. The Texas Lottery, same as the Powerball and the Megamillions, offers players the option of taking their jackpot prize either as a cash lump sum or as an annuity paid over a certain amount of years (usually 25-30). The jackpot figure is based on the total annuity prize which would be paid out over the years.

Although the current jackpot still has a long way to go before it reaches these heady heights, this is still an above average jackpot prize for players of the Texas Lottery to compete for, so if the jackpot rolls again this week, we will surely see increased ticket sales and even bigger prizes on each prize tier. Whatever the case, if you want a chance at winning that jackpot, you must make sure you buy your lottery ticket in plenty of time for the draw, and who knows, you could be the winner of the biggest Texas Lottery draw this year!

Written by Brett Levenson

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