Texas Scratch-Off Players Demand Compensation from Lottery Commission

Wednesday September 24th 2014

A group of Texas Lottery players are demanding that the Texas Lottery Commission pay them the prizes they believe they are rightfully owed after playing the Fun 5's scratch-off game. Several players across the state have purchased the instant win game, which offers a top prize of $100,000.

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The scratch-off contains five different games, the last of which has detailed instructions on how to win the big prize. Players must first uncover three “5” symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. If they satisfied this requirement, they won the prize amount contained in the “prize” section. If they then uncovered a money bag symbol in the “5x multiplier” section, their prize increased in value by a factor of five.

Players who simply uncovered the money bag symbol and $100,000 in the “prize” section without getting three “5” symbols in the right order first thought they had snapped up $500,000 and were disappointed to discover that they hadn’t won anything at all.

Many of the ticket holders are now demanding that the Commission pay the prizes out to the winners, saying that the instructions for the game were unclear. They have hired a Houston-area attorney for representation and are considering legal action against the Commission if the prizes are not honored. In total, the money that could be owed to the group could reach $10 million.

The Fun 5's game is still in circulation and the Commission has insisted that the instructions on how to win the last game on the card are clear.

Lottery.net would like to remind everyone to be careful about reading the instructions of any instant win game that they purchase. If you’re ever unsure about the rules of a specific game, contact your local lottery commission for more information.

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