The Lottery Ticket

Wednesday August 18th 2010

Many of us will have wondered at some point, what it would actually be like to win the lottery and how it would change our lives as well as the people who are closest to us. A new movie set to premiere in the US very shortly called The Lottery Ticket could give you a little insight into this. Although this new movie which is directed by Erik White is primarily a comedy, the story line really will show you both the good and the bad things that come with winning a multi million lottery prize.

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The Lottery Ticket focuses on the main character Kevin Carson who is played by Bow Wow, who is a normal young man who is living in the projects. After winning a $370 million nationwide lottery prize, Kevin is troubled by the fact that the lottery claim office is closed for the 4th July weekend, which means he needs to try and keep his win to himself until he makes his claim. As always, keeping such a lottery win to yourself is virtually impossible and the news spreads through the local community like wildfire. Kevin soon finds himself the subject of everyone’s affections and is seemingly the most attractive man in the world to every female in the neighbourhood. Of course this is not really the case, it naturally his lottery win that is attractive to everyone.

The Lottery Ticket also shows that the winner himself soon comes to realise just how important the lottery win is not only to himself but those around him and discovers the advantages of the power it has given him.

Of course, The Lottery Ticket is a completely fictional movie but it can just open your eyes as to how dramatically the lives of not only lottery winners can change but also those in the immediate community.

Written by Samantha Jones

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