Top lottery games rollover again

Friday March 5th 2010

We are seeing some fantastic jackpots to consider playing for this weekend as some of the top lottery games rollover again after players fail to match the winning numbers for several weeks. Multi rollover games are always exciting for players and there three amazing jackpots in particular for lottery players to get involved in this weekend. These come from both US multi state lottery games MegaMillions and PowerBall and of the European games, the EuroMillions as all of these lotteries unfortunately failed to produce a winner on the last draw.

Mega Millions
Next Estimated Jackpot:
$191 Million
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Both the MegaMillions and EuroMillions will be drawn again tonight. The MegaMillions is offering a staggering jackpot of $133 million after not being won since 29th January. The EuroMillions however has not been rolled over quite so many times as the last time this lottery jackpot was won was 12th February when it was claimed by UK players Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, although this prize was shared with another winner in Spain. Nevertheless there is still an impressive €44 million up for grabs tonight.

The PowerBall draw takes place on Saturday evening and offers the largest jackpot. Currently standing at $139 million, many eyes will be on this Lottery game at the weekend as many lottery player bid to become the latest multi millionaire.

Obviously there are many other impressive lottery jackpots on offer, but with these three carrying the largest jackpots, you may want to give these games serious consideration when you buy lottery tickets for the weekend.


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