Two big wins for North Carolina Lottery player

Wednesday May 11th 2011

Many of us can only dream of one big win on the lottery but for a player from Gaston County, luck turned into what some might consider a miracle. Two big wins for the North Carolina Lottery player saw Beverly Kiser take home a $444.961 share of the $1.35 million Cash 5 jackpot on Thursday, but also a $5,000 prize on the North Carolina Lottery $200 Million Cash Extravaganza scratch off game the very next day.

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Beverly Kiser was on her way home on the Friday morning and called into the store where she had purchased her winning Cash 5 ticket from the North Carolina Lottery to say thank you for selling her the winning ticket. Many of us would have quit while ahead but Beverly decided to try her luck one more time and purchase a North Carolina Lottery scratch off ticket while she was there.

Collecting her two lottery prizes later that day Kiser said of her win, ‘miracles really do happen.’ As a textile worker, working four 12 hour night shifts per week, this lucky North Carolina Lottery winner took home over $305,000 after taxes had been deducted. She plans to use the money to purchase her dream two storey home for herself and her two daughters.

The North Carolina Lottery Cash 5 game has a jackpot that continues to rise until there is at least one lucky lotto ticket holder that has matched all five numbers drawn. If there is more than one winner, then the prize is divided equally between those winners.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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