UK Lottery Double Rollover

Monday November 29th 2010

There is no better way to start a new month than with a fantastic lottery rollover jackpot to play for. However, the 1st of December brings even better news for players in the UK, as not only are the festivities about to get into full swing as Christmas looms but they also have a UK Lottery double rollover jackpot to play for on Wednesday. On 24th November we saw the UK Lottery jackpot roll over for the first time meaning we saw the jackpot rise to a massive £7.8 million.

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$186 Million
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The National Lottery draw that took place on Saturday 27th also failed to produce a winner to create a double rollover jackpot of £11 million to play for on Wednesday 1st December.

As the National Lottery is only allowed to roll over a maximum of three times before it must be won, this means that there is no doubt that there will be a big winner on the National lottery before Christmas. So the fact that that this lottery game has already rolled over twice along with the prospect of a triple rollover, will make the National Lottery one of the most popular lottery games for UK players for at least the next few days.

We must also not forget that UK lottery players not only have this massive National Lottery jackpot within their grasp, but also that they have an added bonus with the EuroMillions with the Millionaire Raffle. Available to UK players only, every EuroMillions lotto ticket that is purchased also plays the Millionaire Raffle, guaranteeing one UK player of the EuroMillions Lottery to become a millionaire every single week.

Written by Samantha Jones

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