Uptake of MegaMillions and PowerBall increases

Wednesday January 27th 2010

The landmark agreement to cross sell both multi state lottery games in the US can only be a good thing for lottery players. During the global recession, we have seen state lottery ticket sales on the decline and given the fact that US states use lottery revenue to fund education, the decline in revenue has meant that many have been finding it difficult to fund education in the way that they intend. As the uptake of MegaMillions and PowerBall increases many of these states now hope to make up the loss of lottery revenue by giving their players an extra jackpot to play for each week.

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Many states who opted in to sell tickets for both games have either started or are due to start selling tickets at the end of the month and this is likely to see a surge of other states who had not yet taken the decision to cross sell, also jump on the bandwagon for fear of losing revenue to neighbouring states who do sell tickets for both MegaMillions and PowerBall.

Until the end of January there are 12 jurisdictions that currently sell MegaMillions, and 33 that have Powerball. However, of the two multi state lottery games, the MegaMillions does tend to offer the highest jackpots.

Both of these lottery games are boasting massive multi rollover jackpots at the moment and for those states who are about to introduce either of these games, people are likely to turn out in their masses to buy lottery tickets for them.

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