US Lotteries In Rollover Mode

Wednesday September 5th 2012

Whilst European lotteries are on steady winning sprees, with most jackpots being won either on first draw or second rollovers, the American Lotteries have settled into some mammoth rollover sessions. The Powerball is slowly creeping up towards the $100 million mark, after rolling over for the fifth time on Saturday 1st September 2012 to an estimated jackpot of $90 million for the next draw. Also, the MegaMillions draw last night also revealed no winners, which pushes its estimated jackpot for the next draw through the $100 million barrier.

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It’s not just the national lotteries which are seeing big rollovers either. The New York Lotto broke through the $10 million jackpot last week, and no jackpot winner has been found since then. This means its estimated midweek jackpot will be $11 million, which is the biggest the state lotto has been since it was won at the start of July, when it reached $18 million and was won by a ticket holder from Westchester.

The Californian State Lotto has also been rolling over for some time now, and has an estimated jackpot in its midweek draw of $18 million. This lotto has not been won since 25th July 2012, when one lucky winner took home $15 million. There is another rolling jackpot in the form of the Texas Lottery too, which has not been won for a month now, and has crept up to an estimated $14 million in time for its midweek draw.

Everyone knows that multiple rollovers mean higher jackpots for two reasons – firstly, as the jackpot has not been won those mammoth prizes are added onto next week’s jackpots, but also because higher jackpots equal more ticket sales! This in turn means more revenue, which means a bigger prize fund, making this a great time to try your luck on one of the US lotteries.

Written by Brett Levenson

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