US Powerball and Texas Lotto Jackpots Climb

Wednesday September 26th 2012

Just weeks after the US Powerball jackpot of $337 million was won by Michigan ticket holder Donald Lawson on 15th August 2012, the jackpot has rolled over to break through the $200 million barrier in time for the draw this Saturday 29th September 2012. The Powerball has not been won since Mr Lawson’s big win, which was the third biggest Powerball jackpot ever, but, with a minimum jackpot of approximately $40 million, it doesn’t take long for this lottery to rollover and start smashing records!

As well as the large Powerball jackpot up for grabs this week, players of the Texas Lottery may be interested to know that the jackpot has reached $20 million in time for the draw tonight, which will undoubtedly see a last minute rush of players keen to be in with a chance of winning that top prize. This will be the largest the Texas Lottery jackpot has been since it was won by the Houston-based MDDSS Revocable Trust on 28th July 2012, when they collected the jackpot of $24 million (before taxes). Although the Trust has been named and the prize collected, the individual behind the Trust has unfortunately not been identified.

Interestingly enough, contrary to Texan law which states lottery winners cannot stay anonymous, winners can form a Trust with a representative named to claim the winnings, which would prevent the individual winner(s) from being named personally. This is precisely what the winners of the July 28th 2012 Texas Lottery did – presumably to try and avoid the publicity that surrounds a lottery win!

Whatever way you decide to “go public” should you be lucky enough to win one of these big jackpots this week, one thing is for certain – your life will never be the same again!

Written by Brett Levenson

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