Virginia Lottery moves draws to the internet

Tuesday January 12th 2010

The current climate is hitting the pocket of everyone and it seems that lottery organisations are feeling the pinch too. The news that the Virginia Lottery moves draws to the internet instead of televising them as they normally do each week, is what they claim to be a cost cutting measure. The last televised draw on Saturday means that the Virginia Lottery will no longer have to pay TV stations to air their lottery draws.

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This action which started on 11th January 2010 only emphasises that there is no organisation  or business that is immune to the global recession despite the amount of money that is reeled in each day.

The Virginia Lottery confirms that the MegaMillions drawings will still continue to be aired on TV on Tuesdays and Fridays, but the daily draw shows and Win for Life draws are now only available online.

As many people already turn to the internet to buy lottery tickets and check their lottery numbers, the Virginia Lottery does not feel that the move should cause too much inconvenience to lottery players in the state. People have been able to view the draws via video on the internet for some time anyway. It is important the players of the Virginia Lottery are aware that winning lottery numbers continue will still be available at lottery retailers and of course over the telephone. It is nothing more that the live draws that are changing, although television stations are still free to air the draws if they so wish.

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