Virginia Lottery Marathon commercial

Sunday October 4th 2009

With so many state lotteries available around the US it must be pretty difficult for an advertising company to come up with ways to entice players to buy lottery tickets. Recently we took a scout around YouTube to see the sort of offerings available on television screens in the US and we stumbled upon the Virginia Lottery Marathon commercial.

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In the opening scenes you could be forgiven for thinking that the Virginia Lottery Marathon commercial is advertising some sort of energy drink rather than trying to encourage players to buy lottery tickets in the Virginia Lottery. The commercial starts off with scenes of a multitude of men obviously running a marathon; there are many artistic shots throughout the 30 second commercial with angles about the runners, through alleys and the penultimate scene shows the strain on the two front runners faces.

As they approach the winner line the two battle it out to break the tape in the Virginia Lottery Marathon commercial but stop just short with just millimetres to go before crossing the line. One offers to the other “after you” but his competitor insist “no after you”. At this point the voice over kicks in and asks the question “Why are Virginians being extra nice these days?” and suddenly it all becomes clear with the words “the next big winner could be someone you know!”

Whilst we may all like to think that we aren’t that mercenary, wouldn’t it be great if the world could become a better place simply by being polite to everyone on the off chance that they may win a lottery prize and give you a share!

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