Waitress pays off mortgage with scratchcard winnings

Tuesday April 5th 2011

A restaurant waitress has said she plans to pay off her mortgage after winning the jackpot prize on a North Carolina Lottery scratchcard. Amanda Barber bought her winning instant game over the weekend after telling her mother that she felt lucky.

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Ms Barber said: "I had a feeling that day. I told my Mom that morning if I could only win $500,000, I could get caught up on some things. And my horoscope kept telling me things about money for about three weeks straight."

Whether it was written in the stars or not, the decision to buy an Anniversary Cash lotto scratchcard was without doubt the best thing she could have done.

Ms Barber started scratching the instant ticket with co-workers in the kitchen of the restaurant where she works and soon discovered she’d won the top prize.

Along with paying off the mortgage on her home, the mother-of-three said she will take care of various other bills and start saving for her sons’ future.

North Carolina Lottery organisers said that as of yesterday there were still three more Anniversary Cash jackpot prizes of $500,000 waiting to be claimed.

Written by Samantha Jones

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