Another Weekend of Bumper Jackpots for Europe

Friday August 26th 2011

There is another weekend of bumper lottery jackpots for Europe to enjoy in the world of lottery with two of the most talked about producing yet another round of rollovers from the midweek draws. The EuroMillions is one of them and probably the one that will be of most interest, closely followed by the Italian game, SuperEnalotto and finally the UK’s National Lottery game deserves a mention for a different reason.

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Focusing on the biggest of these jackpots which is the EuroMillions, a winner has not been found on this lottery game for seven consecutive draws now which means there is an estimated jackpot of €88 million that is waiting to be won on the draw taking place this evening.

The Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto has a current jackpot of xxxxx million, for the draw on Saturday night which although very high and very close to the EuroMillions, it is probably only just beginning to generate extra interest because it is so notoriously difficult to win. However, it is from this point on that we will begin to see the extra interest in SuperEnalotto and even more so once there has been a winner on the EuroMillions.

The third lottery game that is worthy of a mention is the National Lottery game Lotto. Although this game has a jackpot that is nowhere near the EuroMillions or SuperEnalotto, it has generated a lot of interest over the last couple of draws and after rolling over. A winner finally came in the draw that took place on Wednesday where the massive £11.3 million jackpot was finally won and we hope that the details of the winner will soon be revealed.

Written by Samantha Jones

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