Winner of the SuperEnalotto mystery continues

Saturday August 29th 2009

As some of you may remember, a lucky resident from the town of Bagone, in Tuscany scooped a lottery jackpot worth €143 million. This was the biggest ever win by any single individual in Europe. However, the winner of the SuperEnalotto mystery continues despite the UK's Telegraph newspaper naming a single man in his 40s known as Ugi Verni.

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Although Ugi has denied he is the lucky winner of this record breaking Lottery jackpot, the Telegraph reports the grin on his face when denying it, told a different story. However until this theory is confirmed or denied, or the real winner comes forward, then we can’t be absolutely sure. But as the old saying goes, “there is no smoke without fire” and once journalists get credible information to back up what they believe they will report it. They must have some reason to believe Ugi to be the winner, to have named him over the other millions of people who could also have been the winner.

Keeping any big lottery win quiet is virtually impossible and when you buy lottery tickets, bear this in mind.. Once someone knows, the news usually spreads very quickly. So time may tell whether Ugi is the real winner. However, the amount of media attention the winner is going to receive, bearing in mind the size of the win, is impossible to imagine and it may be that the true identity of the winner is never known, purely because of this factor. But if Ugi is the real winner, you can be sure that now he has been named, it will be impossible to keep it out of the media and public eye.


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