Winning feeling nets Washington mum $250k

Tuesday March 29th 2011

A lottery player from Washington state has scooped a quarter of a million dollars after getting a feeling she might win big with last Friday's Mega Millions draw. Mary Turner admitted she doesn’t buy lottery tickets very often, but decided to chance her luck last week because of the huge jackpot of offer.

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Along with her daughter, Ms Turner spent $10 on tickets at the QFC Quality Food Centre in Port Townsend.

She said: "We don’t play (the lottery) very often, but we knew there was a big jackpot and my daughter and I just felt we were going to win. Maybe not the big jackpot, but something."

But the pair’s luck was certainly in, and along with 31 other players, they matched the five main numbers, winning a $250,000 prize.

Ms Turner said she couldn’t help but let out a small squeal when she went back to the grocery store to check her tickets. She told lottery officials that the whole family is excited and humbled by their good fortune.

The Turners plan to spend their Mega Millions windfall on paying bills and their son’s university fees. They will give each member of the family $1,000 “to play with” and make a donation to charity. Ms Turner also said she plans to hand a stranger in the street a further $1,000 to make someone’s day.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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