Wisconsin Lottery Warns Players about New Scam

Wednesday July 2nd 2014

The Wisconsin Lottery is warning the public about a potential new lottery scam after several people have been contacted by callers posing as lottery officials and advising them they have won a prize from a lottery that they never entered. The caller tells the potential victim that they have been selected to participate in a Second Chance lottery or a similar drawing. The caller then asks for their personal information and, in some instances, asks them to pay a “processing fee” in order to release the “prize”. As a number of these phone calls have been designed to look as though they originate from the Wisconsin Lottery offices, some people have been tricked into believing that the call is genuine and have handed over their financial information to the scammers.

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Wisconsin residents should be wary of anyone who contacts them out of the blue with a lottery offer that seems too good to be true. Legitimate U.S. lotteries do not contact players to inform them about a win and they will not ask for personal or financial information over the phone. In addition, no lottery will ask a winner to pay a fee in order to claim their prize. Anyone who receives a call of this type should contact the Wisconsin Lottery at (608) 261-4916.

Visit the scams page on Lottery.net to get some ideas on how these scammers operate and how to identify potential scams. The best advice is simply this – if you didn’t enter the lottery, you haven’t won the lottery! Under no circumstances should you give out any personal or financial details unless you are absolutely certain about the identity of the person who is requesting this sensitive data. Our news page also features regular updates on lottery news, results and scams.

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