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Lotteries encompass so much more than just lucky numbers, drawings and huge prizes. Many of these games also raise money for valuable initiatives that improve education, public infrastructure and social services. When you play the lottery, you're helping to fund these programs while you fund your own dreams of winning it big.

No matter which lottery you play, have fun and best of luck!

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Lottery News

"Siri" Helps Richmond Woman Discover Virginia Lottery Win "Siri" Helps Richmond Woman Discover Virginia Lottery Win

Wednesday 18th November

The Siri system so familiar to iOS users has been the butt of jokes, a source of frustration and a useful tool for finding vital information, but this may be the first time the virtual personal assistant has helped someone discover that they had won a huge lottery prize.

$63 Million California SuperLotto Plus Prize Still Unclaimed $63 Million California SuperLotto Plus Prize Still Unclaimed

Wednesday 11th November

A California SuperLotto Plus prize worth an astonishing $63 million is still unclaimed more than three months after the drawing, and lottery officials are keen to spread the word about the missing winner. The entry was purchased in Chatsworth, a suburb northwest of Los Angeles, at the 7-Eleven on Lassen Street, and offered a lump-sum payout of $39.9 million or the full jackpot amount as an annuity over 30 years.

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