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Lotteries encompass so much more than just lucky numbers, drawings and huge prizes. Many of these games also raise money for valuable initiatives that improve education, public infrastructure and social services. When you play the lottery, you're helping to fund these programs while you fund your own dreams of winning it big.

No matter which lottery you play, have fun and best of luck!

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Lottery News

State Budget Woes Delay Illinois Lottery Payouts State Budget Woes Delay Illinois Lottery Payouts

Wednesday 2nd September

If you’ve won big on Illinois Lottery games recently, then you might have to hold off on popping open the champagne or buying that new Maserati as the state’s budget troubles have blocked lottery payouts of $25,000 or more.

Virginia Lottery Introduces Bank a Million Game Virginia Lottery Introduces Bank a Million Game

Wednesday 26th August

The Virginia Lottery is set to retire its $1,000,000 Money Ball game this weekend in favor of a new game called Bank a Million, which offers all taxes paid on the top prize, meaning that players don’t have to eat into their winnings to pay the taxman after they’ve snagged a huge windfall. The top prize is actually given to the winner as a sum of $1,408,451, which will amount to a cool million bucks after taxes.

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    Jackpot: $85,000,000
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  • Powerball
    Jackpot: $133,000,000
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  • California Lotto
    Jackpot: $14,000,000
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  • New York Lotto
    Jackpot: $36,500,000
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  • Florida Lotto
    Jackpot: $5,000,000
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