Saturday September 22nd 2018

  • 24
  • 61
  • 63
  • 64
  • 69
  • 18
Power Play 5X

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$193 Million
Time left to buy tickets
Mega Millions
Friday September 21st 2018

  • 1
  • 2
  • 11
  • 52
  • 64
  • 9
Megaplier 4X

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$303 Million
Time left to buy tickets

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Results for Multi State Draws

There are a number of lottery games besides Powerball and Mega Millions that can be played in more than one state. Some of them offer huge jackpots, while others promise regular payouts for the rest of your life.

Cash 4 Life - Played in nine states, Cash 4 Life gives you the chance to win $1,000 per day for life if you can match the full winning line.

Lotto America - Lotto America jackpots start at $2 million and keep growing until they are won. You can play in 13 different states.

Lucky for Life - Lucky for Life is available in 26 states. There are ten different ways to win and the top two prize divisions guarantee a regular income for life.

North Dakota Jury Convicts Last Defendant in Jamaican Lottery Scam Case

Tuesday September 18th 2018

A Rhode Island woman has been found guilty of 15 counts of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering following a trial over her involvement in a large-scale Jamaican lottery scam.

Cash or Annuity?

Lottery jackpot winners have the choice of taking the full prize in 30 payments over 29 years (the first instalment is paid immediately), or accepting a reduced cash lump sum.

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