New Mexico Lottery Numbers

The Land of Enchantment provides players with a chance to win some pretty enchanting prizes! Check out the latest New Mexico Lottery numbers here.

Current lottery games include: Powerball - Mega Millions - Lotto America - Pick 3 Evening - Pick 3 Day - Roadrunner Cash.

- Latest New Mexico Numbers

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January 19th 2019

  • 6
  • 4
  • 1
January 20th 2019

  • 4
  • 2
  • 8
January 19th 2019

  • 9
  • 16
  • 17
  • 25
  • 28
January 19th 2019

  • 24
  • 29
  • 46
  • 49
  • 51
  • 8
  • 2

Buying Tickets

Intrigued by the New Mexico Lottery games on offer? You can take a road trip to visit an authorized retailer in the state to pick up tickets.

New Mexico Drawing Schedule

Five different draw games are played in NM, find out which one will be held next and get the ticket sales cut-off times:

Game Draw Days Draw Times* Ticket Sales Close At*
Powerball Wednesday & Saturday 8:59 PM 8:10 PM
Mega Millions Tuesday & Friday 9:00 PM 8:45 PM
Lotto America Wednesday & Saturday 9:15 PM 8:00 PM
Roadrunner Cash Daily 9:30 PM 9:30 PM
Pick 3 Daily 1:00 PM & 9:30 PM 1:00 PM & 9:30 PM
*Times are shown in MT.

Playing New Mexico Lottery Games

New Mexico residents can purchase tickets for Mega Millions, Lotto America and Powerball, but they also have some in-state games that offer great prizes.

Roadrunner Cash is New Mexico's very own lottery game. Drawings are held in the evenings Monday through Saturday and the starting jackpot is $25,000. Tickets cost $1 per entry and players select five numbers from 1 to 37 or choose a Quick Pick if they want to have numbers randomly chosen for them by the lottery terminal. To win the top prize, players must match all five main numbers drawn. Here's how it works:

Winning Tier Prize Odds of Winning
Match 5 of 5 Jackpot 1 in 435,897
Match 4 of 5 $200 1 in 2,724
Match 3 of 5 $5 1 in 87
Match 2 of 5 $1 1 in 8
Odds of winning any Roadrunner Cash prize are 1 in 7.97

If you're on the go and want to try your luck at winning a cash prize straight away, you can also try Scratchers from the New Mexico Lottery. These instant win games are sold at authorized retailers throughout the state, and all you need to do is buy one, scratch off the coating and see if you've won big!

Claiming New Mexico Lottery Prizes

Any New Mexico Lottery prize worth $600 or less can be redeemed by mail or by visiting an authorized lottery retailer. Prizes worth between $601 and $99,999 have to be claimed at the New Mexico Lottery headquarters in Albuquerque in person or by mail. If you're lucky enough to win over $100,000, then you'll need to make that claim in person.

All New Mexico Lottery prizes must be claimed within 90 days, either from the date of the drawing (for games like Powerball) or the date of the announced date of closure (for Scratchers games).

Any prize worth more than $5,000 will be subject to a federal withholding tax of 25 percent and a state withholding tax of six percent.

History of the New Mexico Lottery

The New Mexico Lottery was created on April 5th, 1995 when Governor Gary Johnson signed SB 853 into law. The first day of ticket sales was held on April 27th, 1996 and by the end of their first fiscal year the New Mexico Lottery had hit sales of over $28 million and profits of over $6 million.

Powerball tickets went on sale in the Land of Enchantment in October 1996 and the state's very own lottery game, Roadrunner Cash, held its first drawing on February 10th, 1998. The state joined Mega Millions in January 2010. In June of that same same year, the Mexico Lottery and rock band KISS produced the world's first KISS scratcher game.

Thanks to New Mexico Lottery players raising money for Legislative Lottery Scholarships, over 90,000 students have been able to attend colleges and universities throughout the state. Over $622 million has been raised for educational initiatives in New Mexico since the lottery was launched.


Want to play New Mexico Lottery games? You have to be at least 18 years old.