Delaware Lottery Numbers

The Small Wonder is home to some big lottery games! You can use this page to look up all the latest Delaware Lottery numbers. Just click on a specific lottery listed below to view the winning numbers and other details from the five most recent drawings.

Current games include: Powerball - Mega Millions - Lucky for Life - Lotto America - Multi-Win Lotto - Play 3 Day - Play 3 Night - Play 4 Day - Play 4 Night.

Mega Millions
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Latest Delaware Numbers

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January 24th 2022

  • 11
  • 12
  • 16
  • 22
  • 24
  • 28
January 25th 2022

  • 19
  • 30
  • 32
  • 36
  • 41
  • 12
January 25th 2022

  • 5
  • 7
  • 5
January 25th 2022

  • 2
  • 0
  • 6
January 25th 2022

  • 9
  • 0
  • 2
  • 4
January 25th 2022

  • 4
  • 1
  • 6
  • 0
January 22nd 2022

  • 11
  • 27
  • 29
  • 35
  • 46
  • 9
  • 3

Buying Lottery Tickets

Want to take part in all the cool games that the Delaware Lottery offers? It's easy - just make a visit to the First State to buy tickets from an authorized retailer. Remember to claim any prizes before returning to your own state.

Delaware Lottery Drawing Schedule

Use the table below to find out which DE games are available to play tonight.

Game Draw Days Draw Times* Ticket Sales Close At*
Powerball Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 10:59 PM 9:45 PM
Mega Millions Tuesday & Friday 11:00 PM 9:45 PM
Lucky for Life Daily 10:38 PM 9:30 PM
Lotto America Wednesday & Saturday 11:00 PM 9:45 PM
Multi Win Lotto Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7:57 PM 7:30 PM
Play 3 Daily (Night Draw only on Sunday) 1:58 PM and 7:57 PM 1:40 PM and 7:30 PM
Play 4 Daily (Night Draw only on Sunday) 1:58 PM and 7:57 PM 1:40 PM and 7:30 PM
*Times are shown in ET.

Game Information

Delaware residents can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America and Lucky for Life as well as a wide variety of in-state games.

Multi-Win Lotto offers you several ways to play and win! Tickets cost $2 each, with every entry getting three lines to play, and drawings are held at 7:57 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The top prize starts off at $50,000 and increases in value until it is won. You can win a prize by matching numbers on a single line or by matching numbers across the three lines on your ticket. Match no numbers on the ticket? You'll win $2! Players pick six numbers from 1 to 35 or use a Quick Pick to have numbers generated for them. Here's how it works when you match numbers in a line:

Winning Tier Prize Odds of Winning
Match 6 Top Prize 1 in 1,623,160
Match 5 $500 1 in 9,328
Match 4 $20 1 in 266
Match 3 $2 1 in 22

Here's what you could win in a combination:

Winning Tier Prize Odds of Winning
Match 10 $1,000 1 in 25,203
Match 9 $100 1 in 2,765
Match 8 $20 1 in 415
Match 7 $5 1 in 85
Match 6 $3 1 in 23
Match 0 $2 1 in 39
Overall odds of winning any Multi-Win prize are approximately 1 in 5.9

Other Delaware Lottery draw games include Play 3, Play 4 and Keno.

Instant Games are a great choice for those who are on the go but still want to play a lottery game. Just pick one up from an authorized retailer and scratch off the coating to see what you could win!

The Delaware Lottery also offers iGaming through the Casino Delaware Park, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino and Harrington Online Casino Delaware. You can take part in poker, table games and slots from the comfort of your own home! Feel like socializing? You can visit these casinos and take part in table games like roulette, craps, baccarat and more and win great prizes.

Delaware Park and Dover Downs have also been offering Video Lottery games since 1995. Why not go and visit these great locations and try your luck at one of the machines?

Sports Lottery, a form of wagering, is available from specific authorized retailers across the state, but is also available at the three casinos listed above.

Claiming Delaware Lottery Prizes

Delaware Lottery prizes expire one year after the date of the drawing or the announced date of closure (for instant games). If you try to claim you prize after the deadline has passed, you'll be out of luck.

Winning tickets of any amount may be claimed by mailing the ticket to the Delaware Lottery Office in Dover (see below for details). Winners can also visit the State Lottery Office in Dover at the address below from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday to claim. Won up to $599? You can also claim your prize by visiting any authorized retailer.

A federal withholding tax of 25 percent and a variable Delaware income tax is applicable on all prizes worth more than $5,000. Depending on how much you've won, you could be looking at a tax rate between 3.9 percent and 6.75 percent. Speak to a financial advisor to assess your situation.

Claim a prize by mail

To redeem a prize of any amount by mail, send your signed and completed ticket and a claim form to:

Delaware Lottery
1575 McKee Road, Suite 102
Dover, DE 19904

Allow up to two weeks for processing.

History of the Delaware Lottery

The Delaware Lottery was created on May 31st, 1974 when then-Governor Sherman W. Tribbit approved an act passed by the state's General Assembly. The first tickets went on sale in 1975 and the first instant game debuted in February 1976. In 1991, the Delaware Lottery began selling Lotto*America tickets and started selling Powerball tickets in April 1992. The popular Video Lottery system was introduced in 1994 and Multi-Win Lotto began in 2005.

In 2008, the Delaware Lottery began offering Hot Lotto tickets. Along with a number of other states, Delaware joined Mega Millions in January 2010. Table games were introduced in May 2010 and in 2013, the Delaware Lottery set a nationwide precedent by offering iGaming to in-state players, meaning that residents could play casino games online.

Lottery revenue is transferred to the state's General Fund, which provides funding for a number of different services. Every dollar raised helps make Delaware a great place to live. Since the Delaware Lottery began in 1975, over $4.1 billion has been raised for the state.

The state stopped selling Hot Lotto tickets in October 2017 when the game was cancelled nationwide.


You need to be at least 18 years old if you want to play Delaware Lottery games and you'll have to be 21 if you want to play video lottery games, sports lottery or table games.