Four Helpful Lottery Hints

Winning the lottery is something that we’d all like to do, and if there were any way of guaranteeing our success we would obviously be willing to pay a hefty amount to discover it. Unfortunately, there is no such secret to success because lottery results are determined entirely at random. That said, we can take steps to try and play the lottery a bit more thoughtfully. Here are some suggestions:

1 – Focus on random numbers. A strategy like selecting prime numbers or all odd or even numbers is always a bad move because you will discover too late that there are a surprising number of people doing exactly the same thing. Make things easy with our random number generators for Powerball and Mega Millions - or if you really must pick your own numbers, close your eyes and rely on chance to guide your hand.

2 – Evaluate the potential. Not all lottery games offer the same potential jackpot, so if the odds of winning are the same it makes sense to play the game that provides the most prize money. By playing games which have the highest jackpots we give ourselves a chance of walking away reasonably rich even if we end up splitting it with someone else.

3 – Double dates up to 24. If you’re one of the many people who use dates as your six lottery numbers (and you intend to continue doing so despite our first suggestion), consider doubling any date that is less than 24. This will give you more numbers at the upper end of the range (70 for Powerball; 69 for Mega Millions), and will set your ticket apart from all those that only use the numbers 1 to 31.

4 – Strength in numbers. Two tickets give you more chance of winning than one, and four gives your more chance of winning than two. It is therefore a good idea to get together with a couple of friends and buy lottery tickets between you on the basis that you will all share any prize that you happen to win.

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