Lottery Syndicate Tips

There are four lottery syndicate tips that will be of interest to anyone who plays a lottery game as a member of a syndicate. Read on and we will not only reveal those tips, we will also tell you why they are so effective...

Tip 1 – Play More Tickets
The more tickets you play in any lottery game, the more chance you have of winning, so our first tip is for you to play more tickets. The great thing about playing in a syndicate is that you can do this without dramatically increasing the contribution required from each member. For example, if there are ten members in your syndicate and you currently invest $2 each to play twenty tickets, you could increase the contribution to $2.20 per member and buy two more lottery tickets each week, giving you 10% more chance of winning than you enjoyed previously.

Tip 2 – Play The Odds
Not all lottery games offer you the same odds of winning, so our second tip is for you to focus on playing the games that give you the very best chance. However, you should of course take the jackpot sizes into account as well. If a jackpot is particularly big then the game could still be well worth playing even if the odds of winning are smaller.

Tip 3 – Play Less Often
This is another way to play more tickets, but without increasing the costs incurred by the syndicate. The idea is to play half as often, but to buy twice as many tickets in each game. For example, if your syndicate currently buys ten tickets every Wednesday and Saturday, you could change your approach and buy twenty tickets on a Wednesday OR Saturday, thereby doubling your chances of winning.

Tip 4 – Play Random Numbers
Playing random numbers (like Quick Picks) won’t increase your chances of winning, but it will decrease the chances of you having to share any jackpot win with other players. Since you will already be sharing any prize you win with other syndicate members, following this advice is especially important. Try our random number generators for Powerball and Mega Millions.

Adhering to the four tips outlined here won’t guarantee you a lottery win, but it will certainly help to give you better odds. Add a large dash of luck and your lottery syndicate could be the next one making the headlines for getting the right lottery results at the right time!

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