Georgia Cash 3

There are three draws held every day for the Georgia Cash 3 game: midday, evening and night. All you need to do is pick three numbers, from 0 - 9, and then decide which game type you would like to play. If you don’t want to pick your own numbers then you can opt for a Quick Pick selection for random numbers to play instead. Then simply come back and check if you have won anything on your numbers for cash prizes!

One winning three-digit number is randomly drawn, and you could win cash prizes on the various types of games, depending on what you have chosen to play.

Playing Georgia Cash 3

  • Straight: Straight play is the simplest game type to play. You just need your three numbers to match the winning number exactly. So if the winning number drawn is 123, then you need to have picked 123 to win.
  • Box: Match three numbers in box play, but this time your three numbers can be in any order, such as 132. With two different box plays to choose from you will have different odds of winning the different prizes available, depending on what you pick.
    • 3-Way Box – Two identical digits come up from the number you pick (122)
    • 6-Way Box – Three different digits come up from the number you pick (231)
  • Straight/Box: Here you play both previous game types at once. So, if you match the winning number exactly you could win both the Straight Play as well as the 3-Way or 6-Way Box. If you choose the correct numbers, but not in the exact order, then you would only win the box prize.
  • Combination: All of the different straight combinations will be played here after you select your numbers (123,231, 312 etc). You can also play one of the box combinations, which will cost more but could lead to greater prizes.
  • Pair Play: With Pair Play, you only need to match the first two or last two digits out of the winning numbers. So, if 123 was the winning set of numbers, then 12 as the Front Pair or 23 as the Back Pair would win you a prize, regardless of the other number that came up.
  • Lucky Sum: You could add a Lucky Sum to your ticket for a small additional charge. Here you would win if your numbers added up to the same sum as the winning numbers if they were added together. So if the winning numbers of 746 added up to 17, and you had the numbers 854, which also added up to 17, then you would win. The prize would depend on the likeliness of your numbers coming up, as rarer combinations would obviously equal greater prizes.