Cash Ball 225

Cash Ball 225 is a game only found in Kentucky, with a $225,000 top prize. Draws are held every night, so there are plenty of chances to play and win. Add the EZMatch option for the chance to win an extra $500 instantly in addition to the nightly draw.

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How to Play

Draws are held seven nights a week at approximately 11:00pm ET. Tickets cost $1.00. Ticket sales close at 10:55pm, so be sure to get your tickets before then to be entered in that night's game.

Playing couldn't be easier. Simply select four white balls from 1-35, plus one Cash Ball from 1-25. Alternatively, let Quick Pick do the work - the lottery computer will pick your numbers at random.

You can choose to play your numbers for more than one draw - select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 or 20 consecutive draws to take part in.

Multi-Draw is a convenient way to play your favorite numbers in multiple future drawings. Another way to play the same numbers again is to give the retailer your ticket and ask to "Play it Again" - no need to fill out a playslip.

For an extra $1.00 per play, you can add EZMatch for the chance to win up to a $500 cash prize on the spot - that's on top of any prize you may win in the nightly drawing. Five EZMatch numbers and the instant win amounts will be printed on the ticket below the Cash Ball numbers.

To win an EZMatch prize, your first four EZMatch numbers must match your first four Cash Ball numbers. In addition to or instead of this, if your EZMatch Cash Ball number (shown as CB) matches the Kentucky Cash Ball number, you'll win the instant prize amount printed on the ticket.

With a Multi-Draw ticket, the EZMatch play(s) will only be valid for the next drawing, not any future drawings. You will receive a separate ticket for each play with EZMatch.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Check the table below for the prizes you could win on the Cash Ball nightly drawing plus the odds of winning. Scroll down for EZMatch prizes and odds. EZMatch wins are paid instantly. If you win a Cash Ball prize, you can claim it the next business day following the draw.

Cash Ball Prizes and Odds

KY Cash Ball 225 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Match Prize Odds of Winning
Four white balls + Cash Ball $225,000 1 in 1,309,000
Four white balls $2,250 $1 in 54,542
Three white balls + Cash Ball $225 1 in 10,556
Three white balls $50 1 in 440
Two white balls + Cash Ball $25 1 in 469
Two white balls $1 1 in 20
One white ball + Cash Ball $5 1 in 73
Cash Ball Free Play 1 in 42

EZMatch Prizes and Odds

Add EZMatch to your play and you could win up to $500 on the spot - in addition to your chance to win in the Cash Ball draw.

KY EZMatch Odds of Winning
Prize Winners in 420,000 (Per Pool) Estimated Odds
$500 1 1 in 84,000
$250 1 84,000
$100 8 1 in 10,500
$50 25 1 in 3,360
$20 60 1 in 1,400
$10 820 1 in 102.44
$5 280 1 in 300
$4 1,200 1 in 70
$3 6,000 1 in 14
$2 9,100 1 in 9.23
Overall Odds 1 in 4.8

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