Gimme 5

Gimme 5 is a Tri-State Lottery game offered in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, featuring a $100,000 grand prize and five draws every week, Monday through Friday evening. Tickets cost just $1 and sales close at 6:45 PM ET on draw nights. This page has information on how to play, prizes, and odds of winning.

How to Play

To play, all you have to do is pick five numbers between 1 and 39 and mark them on one of the panels of your play slip. Mark additional panels to play up to five times per play slip. Each play costs $1.

If you're feeling indecisive, you can opt for an Easy Pick (EP) / Quick Pick (QP) instead and the lottery terminal will randomly print numbers for you.

The easiest way to play multiple draws is by choosing a number in the Draws section - you can enter up to 30 consecutive draws on one ticket (ticket cost will increase).

Check your numbers after the draw to see if you've won - the more you match, the more you win. To take home the jackpot, you'll need to match all five winning numbers drawn.

Gimme 5 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Gimme 5 has a total of four ways to win and overall odds of 1 in 8.8 of hitting a prize. Winners must claim their prize within a year of the winning draw date. Here's a quick breakdown of the payout tiers and chances of winning:

Tri-State Gimme 5 Prizes and Odds
Prize Tier Prize Won Odds of Winning
Match 5 $100,000* 1 in 575,757
Match 4 $250 1 in 3,387
Match 3 $7 1 in 103
Match 2 $2 1 in 10
The odds of winning any Gimme 5 prize are 1 in 8.8.

*If there are multiple jackpot winners, the top prize will be equally split among them.

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