Android Lottery App Support

You can find instructions and support on how to use’s range of Android lottery apps on this page. Find out how to install and set up the apps and learn how to use all of their features.

Installing the app

The Android apps on are available to download through the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to install an app.

  • Go to the Android Lottery App page.
  • Select the Google Play Store button for the app you want to install.
  • In the Google Play Store, hit the ‘Install’ button to download the app.

After a few moments the app should appear in your device’s menu and – if you have the option enabled – on your device’s home screen. Tap the app icon to open it.

Setting Up the App

After you’ve installed and opened the app for the first time you may be taken through a short setup process to get it up and running according to your preferences.

  • Choose your lotteries: Tap the switches on the right of the screen to choose which lottery results you want to see on the app home screen. To change the order of the lotteries tap and hold the horizontal lines next to a game and drag it to a new position on the list.
  • Enable notifications: Set whether to enable app notifications. We would recommend enabling notifications to get the most out of the app.

You can update these choices from the Settings screen at any time. If you choose not to enable notifications upon initial setup you can enable them later through your device’s settings.

Navigating the App

Each app includes a menu to help you navigate between the different screens. Find the icon that looks like three horizontal lines at the top of the screen and tap it to open the menu. From there, just tap an option to be taken to that screen. On devices with a larger screen the menu stays open by default.

Viewing Lottery Results

The latest winning numbers for each active lottery will be displayed by default on the app’s home screen and are accessible via the menu. You can also view more details about a particular draw or see previous results.

  • Tap the ‘Draw History’ button to see the results from the 10 most recent draws. On that screen you can load further results or view an extensive archive of winning numbers by tapping the relevant buttons.
  • Tap ‘Draw Details’ to see a complete prize breakdown from that draw. Swipe to scroll along the prize table to see further information. You can also tap the ‘How to Claim’ button to find out what to do if you’ve won a prize.

Checking Your Tickets

Use the Checker to find out if your numbers have won a prize in recent draws. The Checker is accessible from the app menu. Please note that the results of the Checker do not act as sufficient proof that you have won a prize. You must have a valid winning entry for the draw in question to be able to claim the prize displayed.

Quick Check

Use the Quick Check if you just want to check a set of numbers as a one-off. Your ticket will not be saved in the app, so you will need to enter the numbers each time you want to check them.

  • Tap the ‘Quick Check’ button on the main Checker screen.
  • Swipe along the top of the screen to select a lottery.
  • Select your numbers in the grid by tapping them. Tap a number a second time to deselect it or hit the ‘Reset’ button to start over.
  • Select which draw days you want to check the results from.
  • Tap ‘Quick Check’.

The winning numbers from recent draws will then be displayed. Any numbers you matched will be highlighted and any prizes you won will be shown.

Add/Edit Ticket

If you have a favorite set of numbers you can add them to the Checker as a ticket and then check them in the future with just a quick glance.

  • Tap ‘Add Ticket’ on the Checker screen.
  • Swipe along the top of the screen to select a lottery.
  • Select your numbers in the grid by tapping them. Tap a number a second time to deselect it or hit the ‘Reset’ button to start over.
  • Select which draw days you want to check the results from.
  • Tap the box below the grid to add a custom label (optional).
  • Tap ‘Save Ticket’.

Your numbers will then be saved and you will be able to check them against the results of recent draws directly on the Checker screen. Swipe along the different result dates to check your ticket against the numbers from that draw or tap the ‘Full Check’ button to conduct a more comprehensive check.

To edit your numbers tap the ‘Edit Ticket’ button on the main Checker screen and repeat the steps above. This option will remain unavailable until you have saved at least one set of numbers.

Generating Random Numbers

Take advantage of the useful Number Generators featured in the apps to create random entries for upcoming draws. You can access the Number Generator from the menu.

  • Swipe along the top of the screen to select a lottery.
  • Tap the ‘Generate’ button to create a line of random numbers. You can repeat this as many times as you wish.
  • When generated, the numbers will appear in random order. Swipe right to sort them in ascending order.
  • Tap ‘Save’ to store the numbers in the app. You can then check them against the winning numbers (see the ‘Checking Your Tickets’ section above).
  • Tap the ‘View History’ button to see a list of all the numbers you’ve generated. You can clear the list at any time by tapping the button at the top of the screen or you can save a particular set of numbers if you haven’t already done so.

Note that the numbers generated in the app do not count as entries. You must purchase a valid ticket for the draw to be eligible to win. The countdown below the Number Generator shows how long you have left to purchase entries for the next draw.

Customizing Your Notifications

The biggest benefit of the apps featured on is the ability to customize your notifications so you only receive the alerts you want. The Notifications screen is accessed through the app menu.

  • Select a lottery to set notifications for that game.
  • In the Latest Results box choose the days on which you want to receive notifications of winning numbers.
  • Drag the slider in the Jackpot Notifications box to receive alerts when the jackpot reaches a certain level. Drag this slider all the way to the left to deactivate this notification.
  • Drag the slider in the Rollover Notifications box to receive alerts when the jackpot has rolled over a certain number of times. Drag this slider all the way to the left to deactivate this notification.
  • Tap ‘Add Reminder’ in the Pick Numbers Reminder box to set a notification alerting you to purchase entries. Set the day on which you want to receive the reminder, then the time of day. Tap the dustbin icon to delete a reminder.
  • Back on the main Settings screen, tap the Special Events button to be alerted when special draws are due to take place.

A message on the Notifications screen will tell you whether you have notifications enabled. If you don’t you can enable them through your device’s settings screen.

Updating Your Settings

You can update your preferences, including which lotteries are visible in the app, at any time from the Settings screen. Access this screen through the app menu.

  • Tap ‘Choose Lotteries’ to select which games appear on the app’s home screen. See the ‘Setting Up the App’ section for detailed instructions on how to do this.
  • If the app home screen isn’t displaying the latest results correctly tap the ‘Resynchronize Lottery Results’ button to refresh the data. This won’t affect any tickets you have saved or any of your other preferences.
  • Tap the ‘Reset App to Default Settings’ button if you experience any issues using the app. Note that this will remove any saved tickets and the history of generated numbers, and will reset your notifications. When you restart the app it may need to initiate a new download of lottery results.

The Settings screen also displays the app version that your device is using. We recommend always keeping your apps up to date for security purposes and to ensure you have the latest functionality.

Accessing Other Information

There is a wide range of additional information available via these apps, including in-depth statistics for particular lotteries, details of how to play and how to claim prizes, and much more. These options can all be navigated to using the app menu and some may open a window in your device’s web browser.

When this happens you can navigate back to the app using your device’s back button or app switcher. On Android devices the app switcher can generally be found next to the home button or by swiping up in the bottom of the screen on full-screen devices.