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Get the Colorado Lottery app and you will always have instant access to the latest winning numbers from the Centennial State, as long as you’ve got your phone or device to hand. You’ll also find a range of great features and the information you could need.

The app is free to download and is really easy to use. One tap will bring up the most recent Colorado Lottery results - whether you play in-state games such as Lotto, Cash 5 or Pick 3 or prefer the multi-state offerings of Powerball or Mega Millions.

You’ll find details for each draw, from the number of winners in each prize category to the total amounts won. There are games every day, so you can quickly check to see how any of your tickets have fared.

Colorado Lottery App

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The app allows you to set it up for your own particular tastes, depending on which lotteries you like to play and which numbers you use. Learn more about the features offered by the app.

  • Ticket Checker – The app’s checker removes all the hard work from finding out if you have won. There’s no need to study your numbers and compare them to the official result. Instead, just enter your numbers into the app via the Quick Check facility, and you will discover whether you are a winner or not.
    Alternatively, you can add a ticket to the checker so that it is stored for future reference. If you regularly play the same numbers, and especially if you submit several lines, this is a real time-saver.
  • Number Generator – Use the app to help you pick random numbers for your favorite lotteries. All you need to do is press the Generator button from the home screen, then ‘Generate’ to give you a set of numbers. The numbers will appear immediately and you can use them for the next drawing if you wish, or keep generating. There’s also the option to save any numbers you like.
  • Customizable App - You can choose which lotteries you want to be displayed – Powerball, Double Play, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto, Lotto Plus, Cash 5 or Pick 3. If you don’t do this when you first open the app, just go to the Settings option at a later date. You can also drag the lotteries up and down the list to determine the order you want them to show up.
    It is also possible to customize notifications. Decide whether you want to receive alerts when the numbers have been drawn and the prize information is available, get notified when the jackpot reaches a specific amount, or when a special event is coming up.
  • Archived Results – The app provides a comprehensive collection of past results for all Colorado draw games. Hit the ‘Draw History’ button on the home screen or go through the menu to find the results for a game. You can quickly load more numbers, or even view an archive of a previous year. It’s a great way to check old tickets, although prizes must be claimed within 180 days of a draw in Colorado.

You can also use the app to look at statistics or help guides. Download it now to get started.

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