It only takes two lucky numbers to win up to $50 on this District favorite draw game. DC-2 also features the best odds of winning of any DC Lottery numbers draw game, six bet types, wagers starting at just $0.50, and draws twice every day.

Below you'll find the latest results from the Midday draw, which takes place every day at 1:50 pm ET. Ticket sales close at 1:49 pm. You can also check your numbers from the Evening draw, held seven nights a week at 7:50 pm ET. Complete your ticket purchse by 7:49 pm.

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How to Play

Are you ready to win a cash prize by matching just one or two numbers? Grab a playslip and choose two lucky digits from 0 through 9. Mark one in each column of the playslip. Or simply mark Quick Pick and the computer will select your numbers at random.

Each Board on the playslip is a separate play, so you may play up to five times on a single playslip, using different numbers or the same numbers.

Choose your bet amount - $0.50 or $1. The highest wager you may place is $208.

Next, select your bet type. Which one you choose determines how you can match the numbers drawn by the lottery to win a prize. Below is an overview of the six ways to win:

  • Straight: Win by matching both numbers the lottery draws in the exact same order
  • Box: Win by matching both the lottery's numbers in any order
  • Straight/Box: Win by matching the numbers draw in exact or any order
  • Front Number: Win by matching the first digit the lottery selects
  • Back Number: Win by matching the last digit the lottery draws
  • Combo: Win by matching the numbers drawn in exact or any order

Choose which draw time you want to play: Day, Night, or Both.

You can play more than one draw per playslip. Select the number of days, from two to seven, you'd like to play. You can also use Advance Play to enter a draw up to seven days in the future by marking the day(s) of the week and draw time(s) you want to play.

The cost of your ticket will reflect the number of plays and draws you've chosen, multiplied by your wager amount.

You must be 18 or older to purchase DC-2 tickets or claim prizes.

DC-2 Prizes and Odds of Winning

The table below shows the prizes and chances of winning for each of the six bet types according to your wager amount. The biggest prize is $50 for a $1 straight bet.

DC-2 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Bet Type Example Match Prize ($0.50 Bet) Prize ($1 Bet) Odds of Winning
Straight 12 12 $25 $50 1 in 100
Two-Way Box 12 12, 21 $12.50 $25 1 in 50
Straight/Two-Way Box 12 12, 21 - Straight = $37.50
Box = $12.50
1 in 50
Two-Way Combination 12 12, 21 $25 (min. bet $1) $50 (min. bet $2) 1 in 50
Front Number 1X 1 + Any Number $2.50 $5 1 in 10
Back Number X2 Any Number + 2 $2.50 $5 1 in 10

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