Win Place Show

Kentucky Win Place ShowWin Place Show was a Kentucky Lottery game that ended on January 23, 2021. Players may redeem winning tickets within 180 days of the draw. Free or replacement tickets are valued at $2.00. The game information on this page is for reference purposes only.

Win Place Show launched in August 2020 and was based on live horse racing results - the first-ever daily game to combine lottery with the outcome of a real-time U.S. sporting event.

Tickets are available from Lottery retailers statewide. The game takes place almost every day and is based on a horse race that starts as close as possible to 5:00 pm ET. After the racetrack announces the official results, this page will be updated with the winning numbers.

How to Play

Win Place Show is a three-number game with $2 tickets that are only available as Quick Pick. Every day, a new race from across the country will be featured, with each ticket showing the numbers and names of three racehorses. Racetrack details will also be printed on the ticket, including track name, post time and race date.

The winning numbers are the numbers of the horses that finish in the top three. There are three ways to win:

  • First prize: Your numbers match the top three horses' numbers in EXACT order: first, second, and third.
  • Second prize: Your numbers match the top three horses' numbers in ANY order; for example third, first, and second.
  • Third prize (free ticket): Your numbers match any TWO of the top three horses' numbers in EXACT order - first and second OR second and third.

The official results of each race will be determined by the racetrack.

To check if you've won a prize, visit this page for the latest results just after the daily race finishes.

If your race gets cancelled or one of your horses scratches before the race, return your ticket to the retailer for a free replacement play.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The table below shows the estimated odds of winning a prize depending on how many horses are running.

The first and second prizes are not a fixed cash amount - how much you can win is based on the number of tickets sold (the prize pool) and how many winners are in the prize tier.

The first and second prize levels are pari-mutuel, so if there is more than one winner in a prize tier, the prize pool is divided equally among all winners on that level.

The third prize is a free ticket.

Win Place Show Prizes and Odds of Winning
Number of Horses First Prize Second Prize Third Prize (free ticket)
4 1:24 1:5 -
5 1:60 1:12 -
6 1:120 1:24 -
7 1:210 1:42 1:17.50
8 1:336 1:67 1:22.40
9 1:504 1:101 1:28.00
10 1:720 1:144 1:34.29
11 1:990 1:198 1:41.25
12 1:1,320 1:264 1:48.89
13 1:1,716 1:343 1:57.20
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