The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game is played exclusively in Massachusetts and offers players two chances to win every day of the week. It costs as little as $0.25 to enter and there are 10 play styles to choose from for a variety of ways to make a winning match.

The Midday draw takes place every afternoon at 2:00 PM ET and the Evening draw is held every night at 9:00 PM ET. The deadline to buy tickets for the Midday draw is 1:45 PM and for the Evening draw it's 8:45 PM. Ticket sales restart after the draw, so if you were late, you can make your purchase then to enter the next draw.

How to Play

Grab a bet slip from a Lottery retailer and choose between 1 and 4 numbers from 0 to 9. You can choose your own lucky numbers or go with a Quic Pic to have the Lottery computer select your numbers at random. A faster option if you don't feel like filling out a bet slip is to ask the retailer for a Quic Pic.

Love your numbers? The most convenient way to play them for multiple draws is to use Advance Draw - simply choose the number of consecutive draws you'd like to enter.

Choose whether to play the Midday draw, Evening draw, or both.

Select your wager amount and play style. If you've picked 3 or 4 digits, there are two play style options:

  • Exact: Win a prize if your 3 or 4 numbers match the winning numbers in the exact order drawn
  • Any: Win a prize if your 3 or 4 numbers match the winning numbers in any order

After the draw, visit the numbers page linked to above to check whether you're the latest Massachusetts Lottery winner.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The Numbers Game doesn't have fixed prizes; instead, 63% of total ticket sales are placed in the prize pool, and the payouts are shared by all winners on a prize tier.

Check the table below for examples of the play styles and number combinations you can select from. Odds of winning vary depending on your choices.

MA The Numbers Game Prizes and Odds
Numbers Matched Example Odds of Winning
1 Any number from 0-9 1 in 10
2 Any 2 numbers from 0-9 1 in 100
3 Exact Any 3 numbers from 0-9; match in exact order 1 in 1,000
4 Exact Any 4 numbers from 0-9; match in exact order 1 in 10,000
3 Any - no duplicates 3 unique numbers, e.g. 123 1 in 166.7
3 Any - 2 identical numbers 1 unique number plus 1 pair, e.g. 122 1 in 333.3
4 Any - no duplicates 4 unique numbers, e.g. 1234 1 in 416.7
4 Any - 2 identical numbers 2 unique numbers plus one pair, e.g. 1224 1 in 833.3
4 Any - 2 pair 2 pairs of identical numbers, e.g. 2244 1 in 1,666.7
4 Any - 3 identical numbers 3 identical plus 1 unique number, e.g. 3334 1 in 2,500
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